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Elevate your revenue game by harnessing scientific and data-based go-to-market strategy, regardless of the stage of the company, or the number of existing customers.

Interim Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Your strategic partner in transforming founder-led sales into a scalable, high-performance sales team.

I step in to create a repeatable, scalable, and profitable growth model, recruit and train a small team, and ensure a seamless transition for your permanent VP or Head of Sales.

Without this strategic approach, hiring a VP or Head of Sales directly can be risky, leading to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and slower growth."


Interim Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Already have a VP or Head of Sales? 


CRO oversees all revenue-related functions, including sales, marketing, and customer success, to drive revenue growth and maximize profitability.


While a VP of Sales focuses on managing sales activities, our CRO takes a holistic and strategic approach, aligning all revenue-generating functions to achieve common goals.


This includes revenue diversification, customer-centric strategies, and strategic partnerships.


Interim Chief Strategy Officer

Too Early to have a VP or Head of Sales?

It's a part-time but hands-on role to significantly reduce time to gain market traction (sales) and accelerate the path to series A.

This role is tailored for startups at their inception and includes market analysis, business model innovation, and competitive positioning. 

This provides founders with a strategic partner who offers insights, challenges assumptions and drives strategic initiatives. This partnership allows founders to navigate the early stages of their startup with confidence, setting a strong foundation for future growth and success.


Member of The Advisory Board

This of course is a non-executive advisory role with the same goal of accelerating customer acquisition & revenue growth.

However, ideally in a startup, every board member (Advisory or BoD) should be ready to get their hands dirty and jump in to help execute when the time demands it.

Every founder should have at least three profiles on their advisory board. One, a veteran of the industry and ICP you operate in. Second, a tech genius. Third, a serial entrepreneur for accelerating sales & growth.



Reduce Sales Cycles


Pricing for Maximum Profit


Repeatable, Scalable Growth Model


Low Risk Segment / Geographic Expansion


Data-Powered Sales Messaging


Maximizing Sales Tech Stack and AI


Data-Driven Decision Making


Entrepreneur, not Consultant


Retain Learnings in the company


SMART Goal Driven Execution

Others are Saying About Us

We challenge you, we support you.

And we make sure you achieve results.

Motti Sigel, Serial Entrepreneur, Multiple Companies

“Maddy is a B2B sales mad scientist. He’s figured out how to transform sales from an art to a repeatable, scalable, scientific process. He’s also kind, generous, patient and optimistic. Maddy breaks this down to specific tasks which can be carried out in order to increase sales. I'm getting a better understanding...continue reading."

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