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Revenue Engineer | Sales Scientist | Fast Growth 00 to 50M ARR | #B2B & #SaaS

I help B2B & SaaS Startups grow faster by building predictable sales engines using scientific and engineering methods. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Let's schedule a call using the calendar below. Talk soon!

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Others are Saying About Me

We challenge you, we support you.

And we make sure you achieve results.

Motti Sigel, Serial Entrepreneur, Multiple Companies

“Maddy is a B2B sales mad scientist. He’s figured out how to transform sales from an art to a repeatable, scalable, scientific process. He’s also kind, generous, patient and optimistic. Maddy breaks this down to specific tasks which can be carried out in order to increase sales. I'm getting a better understanding...continue reading."


Let's establish a connection and explore them together. Shall we?

+41 77 40 215 60

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