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Startup Growth Curve

Accelerate Revenue Milestones.

GTM for B2B & SaaS Startups, from pre-revenue to 50M ARR.

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Why Us?

In the resource-constrained world of startups, we understand that every decision counts.

Been There, Done That

Entrepreneurs, not Consultants. 

Serial Entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes multiple times and overcome every obstacle. We've made every mistake in the book and scaled our own startups. 

Need for Speed

Only 1 on 1, Customized for You.

You can't have speed of execution with a cookie-cutter approach, or when working in group of multiple startups.


Get things done with a personalized 1-on-1 approach and strategies fine-tuned to your unique needs, target market, and goals. We provide you with the tools, insights, and hands-on support necessary to drive real progress.

Scientific Approach

Everything is Repeatable & Predictable.

No guesswork! Be always clear on what's the minimum you need to do to hit the next revenue milestone and why.


Pressure for growth can be overwhelming. Using scientific processes we make sure you're always clear on the next steps while having the highest possible velocity for growth.

Our Services

Clarity -> Actions -> Results

It always starts with a sales, growth and revenue audit (free).


Based on your status and immediate goals, we define a Minimum Viable Action Plan with the shortest timeline while maximizing success.

Interim Chief Sales Officer

Interim Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Revenue Playbook Design

Interim Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)


Interim Chief Strategy Officer

Voice of Customer Messaging

Member of Advisory Board

Short Sales Cycle.png

Short Sales Cycles

Offer Engineering.png

Offer Engineering for Maximizing Profit

Unlimited Coaching

Founder-led Sales to Scalable team

Advisory Board

Low Risk Market Expansion

Others are Saying About Us

We challenge you, we support you.

And we make sure you achieve results.

Motti Sigel, Serial Entrepreneur, Multiple Companies

“Maddy is a B2B sales mad scientist. He’s figured out how to transform sales from an art to a repeatable, scalable, scientific process. He’s also kind, generous, patient and optimistic. Maddy breaks this down to specific tasks which can be carried out in order to increase sales. I'm getting a better understanding...continue reading."

We reduce timelines to your next revenue milestone

Using a Scientific Process for Predictable growth

Customer, Right Now!

Are sales taking too long? Low conversion rates? Unpredictable sales? Worried about customer turnover? Revenue per customer not where you want it to be?


The solution lies in understanding your prospects' hidden pain points and their buyer's journey through data. By prioritizing and focusing on the right areas, you can achieve immediate improvements across your sales key performance indicators (KPIs).


Our go-to-market strategies help you accelerate revenue generation by identifying the prospects who are most eager to buy from you today, regardless of the current stage of your product or company.


This way, you can concentrate on customers who are ready to buy right now, instead of chasing every potential customer who might be interested in the future.

Early Adopters
Predictable & Scaleable Growth Model.png

Getting Ready to Scale

Many startups that find product-market fit aren't actually prepared to scale. There's a crucial step that often gets overlooked between achieving PM fit and scaling up.

In a study of 3,200 high-growth internet startups, a staggering 74% failed because they scaled too soon.

On the flip side, startups that take a measured and strategic GTM approach to scaling can experience up to 20 times faster growth compared to those who rush into it. (Startup Genome Project)

Being "ready to scale" means having a reliable system that can be replicated for consistent growth. The key is to have a scalable growth model with milestones to track progress, assess performance, and make necessary adjustments for success.

Process with Clear Steps

Sales Assembly Line

Sales Assembly Line Lead to Customer

Think of a sales assembly line as a turbocharged sales process, similar to how an assembly line boosts efficiency in manufacturing. It's all about being predictable, reliable, repeatable, and scalable.

The best part? We can duplicate it, customize it, and even create separate lines for different customers and products.


With a sales assembly line, onboarding new employees becomes a breeze, making it easier and faster.


Plus, we can continuously enhance and automate one step at a time without disrupting the rest. It streamlines our sales process and gives a significant boost to overall performance.

Grow faster with Support

Who We Are

We're Startup to Scaleup

Sales and revenue growth are scientific processes. Just like you engineered your product into existence, you also need to engineer a high-velocity growth engine that generates predictable revenue with lower CAC, high ACV, better KPIs & unit economics. 


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