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Helping Startups Scale Fast!

Are you a B2B or SaaS startup founder

 with currently stalled growth?

You might be struggling to find new leads. You might already have an existing network where you got initial customers, but it’s been a struggle to connect with the right decision-makers outside your network. 


Or maybe the challenge is that prospects take too long to become customers. They take forever to buy and keep asking for more information, more proof of concept. Things keep on getting postponed to the next meeting, with even more people from their company.  


Perhaps you hope to raise investment to hire marketing and sales talent. But investors keep on asking to see more traction, more sales before they invest.


In the meantime, the pressure is growing as your runway is getting shorter every day.

I work with founders to create their sales machine that generate predictable sales and growth, fast!

Creating a great product is the hard part: it takes passion, dedication, and deep knowledge. It’s half-art, half-science. And you’ve already managed to pull it off. 


Next up is sales. Sales is 100% science – it can be learned and mastered. And yet, most companies fail because they can’t build sustainable revenue. 


I’ve seen way too many promising startups fizzle out due to this reason – and I’m sure you can think of a few as well!


After founding several startups, 200+ employees and my last exit, I now help startups build their sales machine and reach predictable revenue (i.e. predictable growth) in weeks, rather than months (or even years) of trial & error while wasting existing funds.


Can you use The Startup to Scaleup Roadmap below to identify where you are in your journey to success,


what the next milestone you should be planning to hit in next 90-180 days,


and what you should be focusing on right now to hit that milestone?


 But this is not for everybody.

 This is for you if:

  •  You have a B2B or SaaS product on the market.


  • You have your first few happy customers/users. 


  • You want to have a smooth, consistent, predictable sale.

  • You want to quickly reach breakeven or even profitability. 


  • You want to be a stellar salesperson for your product. 

  • You’re ready to put yourselves in your clients’ shoes and get critical about your business.


  • You want to understand why and how you’re getting results: in other words, learn how to fish properly instead of randomly getting a fish now and then. 


  • You have money in the bank to support your company for at least six months (more is preferred). 

 This is NOT for you if:

  • No customers have seen even the first version of your product yet. ​


  • You want your product to be 100% perfect before shipping it to customers. (Spoiler alert: that day will never come)


  • You have a B2C focus. I don’t get B2C, no matter how hard I try.

  • You’re looking for a quick hack. 

  • You have it all figured out. (Not sure why you’re still reading this then?!) 

  • You already have millions in revenue. (Congrats! But do get in touch and share your story with us. :-))

How it works?

The first step to book a time with me for a Free Growth Audit Session below, then fill up a small form to tell me a bit more about your startup.


With this session:


  1. You'll walk away with a real plan that you can implement on your own. 

  2. We'll evaluate if we're a good fit. If I don’t think it's the right time or I'm not the best person to help in your specific case, I'll let you know frankly and will likely guide you to some other resources.


This session is free because I love to help, and it's a way for me to pay it forward. 


Also, I know a percentage of people will wanna work with me directly to implement the plan we create. If that’s not you, that’s totally fine. In any case, there will be no pressure to make any immediate decisions.


You'll walk away feeling clear, confident, and excited about taking your business to the next level. 

Should I tell you more about what's covered in 

Free Growth Audit Session?

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