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4/7 mindsets for B2B founders to make sales easy-peasy.

In this series of seven articles, I am going to break some pre-conceived notions that might be stopping you to excel at sales, hence responsible for slowing down your startup’s growth.

I will replace them with 7 mindsets that will make sales come naturally to you.

(You can click here for 3/7 Mindset: Be a helper.)

Jim Rohn once said you shouldn’t wish that things were easier; you should wish that you were better.

Mindset 4: Interrupting is good.

In order to help, you need to interrupt.

Your ideal clients are out there, waiting for you to solve a problem for them.

But they aren’t just going to come to you. You need to go to them, interrupt their day and let them know you’re there to help.

I know that most of the time as a startup founder, you probably feel like the guy selling wheels in the picture below.

You’ve got the wheels, but your potential customers are too busy dragging their stuff to pay attention!

If you want sustained success for your startup, if you want to maximize your revenue, then you’ll have to get comfortable with interrupting people.

You’ll have to pick up the phone, walk in the door, send an email or text message, or ping a prospect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

You’ll have to interrupt someone who isn’t expecting you to contact them (i.e. you don’t have an appointment with them and they aren’t waiting for you to call or write) and with whom you aren’t currently engaged in a sales discussion.

It might be a new business that you’ve stopped by to qualify, or a prospect you met at a trade show.

It could be a prospect who filled out one of your web forms or downloaded your latest white paper. Or someone who just connected with you online.

It could be an old customer you’re trying to reactivate, or a prospect in your defined database.

No matter what the circumstances, the simple fact remains that you have to interrupt their day to talk about something you want them to hear, do or buy – and you won’t have a scheduled appointment with them to have that conversation.

(You can click here for 5/7 Mindset: Less is more.)


Hi there, I am Maddy, I help B2B & SaaS founders get first 1000 customers and scale fast!

Sales is a science. Just like you engineer your product into existence, I can help you build a sales and marketing machine to help people see how your product change their lives for the better.

Connect with me on Linkedin, or just drop me a line at I always reply.

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