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7/7 mindsets for B2B founders to make sales easy-peasy.

In this series of seven articles, I am going to break some pre-conceived notions that might be stopping you to excel at sales, hence responsible for slowing down your startup’s growth.

I will replace them with 7 mindsets that will make sales come naturally to you.

(You can click here for 6/7 Mindset: Sales is Science.)

Jim Rohn once said you shouldn’t wish that things were easier; you should wish that you were better.

Mindset 7: Attitude is everything.

As a founder, your mindset is the foundation of your startup’s success.

Attitude is everything. Your enthusiasm and passion are key – and that’s what people say “yes” to, more than anything else.

If you’re super excited about your product, that’ll rub off on your prospect and they’ll likely buy from you.

Of course, you need to genuinely believe in your product for it to work.

On the flipside, a negative attitude is also a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, every day, before you set off to sell your product, get yourself in the right frame of mind. Don’t dwell on past failures – commit to focusing on the present.

A positive attitude will give you the highest productivity.

Have a look at these seven key mental traits for success, from the Fanatical Prospecting book by Jeb Blount:

  1. Optimistic and enthusiastic: Fanatical prospectors have a winning, positive mindset.

  2. Competitive: They view prospecting through the eyes of a fierce competitor. They’re hardwired to win and will do whatever it takes to stay on top.

  3. Confident: They approach prospecting with confidence. They expect and believe they’re going to win

  4. Relentless: Fanatical prospectors have a high need for achievement. They pull out all stops to reach their goal. They never, ever give up, believing that persistence always wins.

  5. Thirsty for knowledge: They welcome feedback and coaching.

  6. Systematic and efficient: They have the ability to execute with near-robotic and systematical efficiency.

  7. Adaptive and flexible: Fanatical prospectors have acute situational awareness. Because of this, they’re able to respond and adapt quickly to changing situations and circumstances.


Hi there, I am Maddy, I help B2B & SaaS founders get first 1000 customers and scale fast!

Sales is a science. Just like you engineer your product into existence, I can help you build a sales and marketing machine to help people see how your product change their lives for the better.

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