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1/8 steps to win at every single sales meeting.

In this series, I take you through eight key steps to plan your B2B sales meetings in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

By building continuous momentum, providing value, and advancing sales at each step, you will ultimately get more (and faster) closed business.

Preparation is the secret to closing sales – and it needs to happen for every encounter with a prospect. Before each meeting, answer three key questions:

Why should this client meet with me?

1. Create the right mindset

2. ​Clarify your value proposition

3. Research your client

What do I want my client to do?

4. Set your goals and agenda

5. Clarify continuation vs. advance

6. Define your advances

How can I provide value in this encounter?

7. Identify your unexpected value

8. Close like a pro

Step 1: Create the right mindset

“If your intention is flawed, the best technique in the world will not save you.” – Jeff Shore

Get into an optimal mindset before your meeting. This will ensure that your non-verbal communication sends out the right signals.

Begin by completing the following sentence with each of your motivations: “Thanks for meeting me today! My no. 1 priority is to [fill in the blank with your response].”

Now, review your responses. Would you be willing to say these reasons out loud to a prospective client?

Maybe not. But guess what? Your tone, expressions and body language are already communicating your true intentions, regardless of your words. Prospects can pick up on these subtle signs faster than you think.

That’s why it’s crucial to create an appropriate mindset for your sales meetings – one that you don’t need to hide or be ashamed of. This is a fundamental first step to closing more sales.

When you’ve got the right mindset, your body language will reflect it by:

  • Showing positive micro-expressions

  • Delivering the ideal tone of voice

  • Expressing appropriate emotions with which your prospective client will empathize

  • Communicating the right intention to strengthen trust and rapport

You can unlock seven sales-friendly mindsets in my series on creating the right mindset for B2B founders.

Reinforce your positive mindset by repeating a few statements aloud before your meeting:

  • “I really care about this client. I can’t wait to see what I can do for them.”

  • “I’m genuinely looking forward to helping these guys.”

  • “I’m curious to find out what this client has going on – and how I can help them to make it better.”

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